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The Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation is dedicated to economic development in Randolph County, Monroe County, Howard County and Moberly Missouri. We also promote Missouri economic development efforts state wide


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Proudly Serving: Moberly, Randolph County, Monroe County and Howard County. Located in Missouri near the population mean of the US. Our area is at nexus of major highways, railways, and rivers. more>

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    Missouri's labor force is rated as one of the best in the country by an independent university.

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    CNBC ranked Missouri’s business costs 3rd lowest of any state in 2011.

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    The Moberly Area is near the population mean of the USA and major transport routes.

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    We have great schools, universities, health care, and diverse recreation opportunities.

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    Multi-modal transportation network to serve the global marketplace.

  • Key Training

    Customized training programs to ensure a steady source of qualified workers.

  • Key Incentives

    Relevant incentives to support growth and enhance profitability.

case studies>

Addison Labs :: Bio Tech

Addison Labs is a bio tech company that chose to locate in Howard County Missouri.

Monnig Industries :: Galvanizing

Monnig Industries has been in Howard County for three generations, and has a great labor force.

Lakeside Casting Solutions :: Die Casting

Lakeside continues to grow with the help of MAEDC.

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Everlast Named Industrial Company of The Year


Each year at the annual banquet and awards dinner sponsored by the Moberly Area Chamber of Commerce, individuals and businesses alike are recognized for their contribution to not only the City of Moberly but the entire region as well. This year the presentation of the Industrial Company of the Year Award in partnership with Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation was presented to Everlast Worldwide.

The iconic brand in the sports equipment and apparel industry has roots in the Moberly community that stretch back over forty years. When the manufacturing facility was established in Moberly in 1966, it was one of three plants in North America that produced sporting goods equipment. Since then the company has grown and constructed a much larger facility than the one it first occupied. Now, the Moberly facility remains as the sole facility in all of North America for the international company.

Everlast traces its beginning to the backroom of a small tailor’s shop in the Bronx, New York in the early 1900’s when the son of a tailor had difficulty finding swimsuits that lasted an entire season. In 1917 a young athlete who would later become a champion by the name of Jack Dempsey introduced the company to the sport that would make them famous the world over, boxing. Sugar Ray Robinson wore Everlast’s gear in route to becoming a middleweight legend in the sport. Today championship athletes worldwide train with and use their products including those at Moberly High School. Some of those names of today are Cara Castronuova, Miguel Cotto, Jon Jones and Reggie Bush to name just of few. Everlast’s history would not be complete without mentioning that the man that many regard as “The Greatest”. Mohammed Ali did what he did clad in those famous white trunks trimmed with a black strip down the side and a satin robe that were manufactured in Moberly, Missouri.

“Everlast’s commitment to the community and its youth is outstanding,” said David Gaines, Vice-President of Moberly Area Economic Development. “It’s for this reason, I was extremely honored to present on behalf of the Moberly Area Chamber of Commerce and the community, this year’s award for the Industrial Company of the Year to Everlast Worldwide and their dedicated team of employees.”

The Moberly Auditorium was filled to capacity for the event as Ray Stewart, Vice-President of Operations for Everlast accepted the award on behalf of the over 100 quality craftsmen and women that come from communities all over the Moberly Region.

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