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The Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation is dedicated to economic development in Randolph County, Monroe County, Howard County and Moberly Missouri. We also promote Missouri economic development efforts state wide

Market Access




The MAEDC Region

The MAEDC Region consists of Randolph County, Monroe County and Howard County in North-Central Missouri. The MAEDC Region is located near the population mean of the USA. As a result we are one of the most centrally located areas in the US able to reach the major markets of the US easily. Efficient transportation speeds shipments to and from the MAEDC Region. We are located along major interstates like I-70, extensive rail networks, and ports with sea access.

Current Employers

Two current employers discuss several of the many advantages of doing business in the MAEDC Region in the videos below.

Everlast the boxing champs move 300,000 units out of Moberly each month. They import from Asia via rail from the west coast. Hear first hand reports from this industry leader.



World Wide Recycling Ships huge equipment world wide. Hear their testimony about logistics from the Moberly Area.



Air Access

Omar N. Bradley Airport
Moberly, MO

Jesse P. Viertel Airport Boonville, MO

Captain Ben Smith Airfield Monroe City, MO

5,001 foot runway, hard surface, lighted, private storage, aircraft maintenance and fuel available. Executive and Private air service.

4000 foot runway, hard surface, lighted, private storage and fuel available. Executive and private air service.

3,550 foot runway, hard surface, lighted, private sotrage and fuel avialable. Executive and private air service.


The MAEDC Region is blessed with abundant service through the Columbia Regional Airport (30 miles) the Quincy Regional Airport (30 miles), St. Louis International Airport (140 miles) and Kansas City International Airport (140 miles).


Rail Service

Through our partners Norfolk and Southern, BNSF and UP the MAEDC Region offers direct rail access to river ports on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. The MAEDC Region also offers direct rail access to inter-modal services in St. Louis and Kansas City which boast the 2nd and 3rd largest rail terminals in the U.S. Freight stops on demand available.


Highway Transportation

The MAEDC Region offers access to quality transportation arteries including Interstate 70, 4-lane US Highway 63, 4-lane US Highway 36 with connections to Interstate 72 and Interstate 35, and US Highway 24.  The MAEDC Region is located within 500 miles of 45% of the US population and within 49% of all US manufacturing offering our businesses superb accessibility.


Driving Distance to Market

(using Moberly as a reference point)
Columbia, MO 28
Kansas City, MO 139
St. Louis, MO 146
Des Moines, IA 218
Omaha, NE 291
Chicago, IL 369
Indianapolis, IN 378
Memphis, TN 414
Louisville, KY 416
Milwaukee, WI 443
Minneapolis, MN 445
Dayton, OH 487
Oklahoma City, OK 499
Detroit, MI 623
Dallas, TX 646
Atlanta, GA 703
Pittsburgh, PA 735
Denver, CO 745
Albuquerque, NM 950
Philadelphia, PA 1,029
Salt Lake City, UT 1,178
Miami, FL 1,379
Toronto 1,389
New York, NY 1,088
Winnipeg 1,476



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